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Thread: Cherish - Winnipeg

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    Cherish - Winnipeg

    Has anyone seen Ms or Mz Cherish recently and is she worth the visit? If you have what services were worth while? Looking to visit Winnipeg in the new year and the other reviews for her on here are older.

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    Not recently; saw her about 2-1/2 years ago. Went for a massage with add-ons.

    The conversation leading up to the appointment was great and enticing. I thought I'd be in for a great session. But the actual hour turned out to be very meh. No warmth from her, just business like. So I put it down to lack of chemistry.

    But I've never been inclined to go back.

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    I saw Ms. Cherish a couple of months ago. spent an hour with some light fetish. had a great time. Massage was good and she provided the services we agreed on. I would see again if the fetish urge hits again.

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    Thanks for the input

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