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Thread: ISO Lydia from B&S

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    ISO Lydia from B&S

    Last November I visited a sp named Lydia from the B&S. French Canadian (ie, dark hair & accent), about 5'4" in the Surrey area. She was alot of fun but has since disappeared from the paper. Anyone know of her or have any recent details?



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    If you posted a review last November, maybe we would have seen or heard about her and would now know where she is. Share the wealth.
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    Hey Deke,

    It's not that I was trying to "hide" anything however coming out of lurk mode I figured I'd become more active in posting. I found this board not to long ago and let's face it, this is not a board about cars. It took a bit to decide to post anything at all. I guess it's to late to find her again. Oh well, next!


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