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    Surreys jewel

    After reading all her glowing reviews on this board I decided to try and book a session with the infamous jewel only to be met with....nothing. No reply no there some trick to booking with her that Im not aware of? Tried day before day of ..nada.
    Any help would be appreciated, thanks all.

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    She only does same day booking. I think she replies to texts around noon and is available between noon and 5pm. Try texting between 9am and noon and if she doesn't reply and hasn't posted an ad on leolist between 11:30am and 1:30pm that same day she might be taking the day off and might not be replying to any texts.

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    i dont know her contact and booking rules but i think its safe to say she didnt mean you any harm. confirm her rules for contacting her and try again. i'm sure you broke a rule or caught her on her day off

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    Haven't seen her in ages. Tried to book with her around the time she had her ad up and no response either. Called and no answer either. At least a courtesy text would be nice saying, "I'm fully booked for today, try me again tomorrow at X time..." especially for those of us who've seen her before.

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    She actually contacted me here and sent me a lovely message explaining when she works and what not...class act all the way and I can’t wait to actually get to meet her.

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    Most experienced providers will not text hours later if they are busy when they initially receive the message. It’s out of respect for their clients who would not want a text arriving during a family gathering, business meeting or when sitting on the couch with wife.

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