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Thread: Remember Karalynn??

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    Remember Karalynn??

    Does anyone remember Karalynn? She was the BBBJ Queen around 2005 or so. She had a website, face pics on the site and had a cute librarian look. She had a condo on Kingsway and gave amazing service. Only saw her twice but it was memorable. Does anyone know if she is still working? Shed be in her 40s by now...

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    I was just thinking about her the other day!! I saw her when she was in a house just off Main Street. DID give an amazing BJ.....would be curious as well as to her whereabouts, if she is still in the biz.

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    Me and a buddy both saw her (separate times lol) and ya she was Fucking awesome. Tons of fun and she swallowed my as she put it enormous load lol. She was lots of fun.
    I am CheeseBurgers but I forgot my password and my email got hacked.

    So not new here and not shilling.

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