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Thread: Sasha and Sidney Leolist 6357 scam

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    Sasha and Sidney Leolist 6357 scam

    I had to post this because it's so unusual and I've never run into this situation over years of seeing sex workers.

    I started texting Sasha, a thin ebony posting on Leolist. Texts were very delayed, never a good sign, but the pictures were enticing, the rate was appealing and the details seemed good. No pictures found on reversed image search. Everything looked good, and I was excited to meet her.
    She said she was at Bute and Melville and we arranged a time. When I arrived and texted, she gave me an address on Melville which didn't exist. After 30 minutes of trying to find the incall, and her texts encouraging me to keep looking, it finally occured to me ( brain starved of blood and oxygen, shunted to genitalia) that it was all a scam. I assumed the perpetrators were watching nearby giggling at the fool wandering the street.

    No real harm done, and I learned a small lesson.
    Don't waste your time with these beauties.
    Anyone have an opinion on why someone would pay for ads like these, day after day? Seems like such a waste of time. Hope it's not the beginning of some vigilante trend.

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    That’s weird. There’s another thread on these girls. I have seen Sidney previously, under a diff name, and she was hot as fuck but lame service. Lots of other guys have seen one or both of them too. Don’t know what the deal was with your address mishap. Doesn’t sound like a scam per se, they didn’t steal from you. Maybe just poor directions from them or a typo in the address?

    Here’s the thread:

    Similarly this happened to me once before looking for an SP’s address that didn’t exist all while she was texting me and I’m walking around looking for this phantom building. Finally she came down and looked at the numbers on her building and she had the address wrong and I was 2 blocks away in totally the wrong spot. Obviously not her regular incall location.

    I’m not saying that’s necessarily what happened here, but could be a possible explanation.

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    Thanks for reply. I checked with Sasha and confirmed address, she just texted "keep looking". I read other thread, sounds like bad attitude anyway. Still looking....

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