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Thread: Other Asian Sheila regulars out there?

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    Other Asian Sheila regulars out there?

    Hey guys

    Any of you lucky enough, like me, to have remained one of Asian Sheila's regulars after she stopped advertising and was only seeing regulars.......(this is the Sheila who way back when was on Cardero, then on Helmcken and finally on Howe) may have heard from Ms Sheila herself that she recently moved to Surrey

    Big blow (so to speak) to me as Surrey couldn't be more inconvenient for me. End of an era. Had such a great connection with her. Conversing was always hard cuz her English isn't great but the sweetest girl and so great in the sack. We just really connected. At this late stage in my long and illustrious pooning career, she was my only FS provider. Probably saw her 3-4 times a year

    Anyway, point of this long blather. Anyone else out there who was seeing Sheila, have you been seeing anyone else you would consider Sheilaesque?? Open to Vancouver based (especially downtown/Yaletown/West End) alternatives. (though I don't think I'll ever replace the sweet Sheila connection )

    Thx guys

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    I'm in Surrey what's her info ?

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    Can't share. Sheila only sees regulars from back in the day when she advertised. No longer advertises. Sorry ludacris.

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    Last time, saw her in Bellevue Wa.
    It was 6 years ago. Then she said to retire.
    Still have her phone number, it is time to say hi.

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    Ya she used to do the commute to Bellevue to work down there .She did sorta retire (even from regulars) when I think she was in a brief relationship but then started seeing regulars again. You should say hi. She's a sweetie. REALLY miss having her as my go to FS girl.

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