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Thread: Aiko and Yujin Maagae

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    Aiko and Yujin Maagae

    Anyone reviews on Aiko? Look, age agr and service?

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    I saw them together at fairway haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gino View Post
    I saw them together at fairway haha
    Wow if only one could arrange for services there.

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    We’re they on sale there ? 2 for 1?

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    yes i i had them down at the dairy aisle!!!...i warmed them up!!!

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    How did they look? Like their pictures?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piaochong View Post
    How did they look? Like their pictures?
    aiko is nice women and attractive. I've met her few times but she looked getting old.. yujin was same body type as aiko. tall and slim. good enough face

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    Any other input in these two? How is their service? How old is Aiko looking? Her pictures look good.

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    Have seen both and they are really engaging and nice to spend time with. They treat the customer well. Both attractive.

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    I'd say both are in their 30s. I found Aiko far more personable, and she really enjoyed our interaction. Playful and lovely.

    Yu-jin on the other hand, while more attractive (from what I could tell from the very low light in the room), didn't quite offer what was paid for. She was more mechanical, and kept her distance. Could have just been an odd day tho.

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