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Thread: Oh what a night...VIPS party notes

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    Oh what a night...VIPS party notes

    Here are a few stream of semi-consciousness thoughts from the "LET'S GET FREAKY" party that recently ended but still seems like it is going on in my head. Numerous gin and tonics may impact my recollection and hopefully others can fill in the blanks.

    I love smexy (smart and sexy) ladies. The VIPS ladies, under Harvi's leadership, are a collection of "smexicans" that engage and entertain with a combination of sexiness and joie de vivre that kept the party a sensual feast the entire night.

    For me, nothing like the DDD's. In this case Dawn, Darla and Dylan. Can't wait to take a deeper dive with all three.

    Dawn would be my choice for getting stuck with on a desert island. Great conversation combined with mind altering sex. After seeing her perform interactive sex shows the last two years with Olivia and Piper those two would be the ones I would most like to have rescue us, but not be a rush to get us home.

    I kept forgetting Dylans name which led me to get it tattooed on my ankle after the party. She is beautiful and rumour has it her tongue is the Picasso of her generation.

    There is something about Darla that is hard to put your finger on. She exudes such positive energy that you can't help but smile in her presence.

    The impromptu make-out session featuring Destiny and Hailey was red hot. Wearing fishnet lingerie only added to their passionate embrace. Not sure how it came to be but I always seemed situated at the right place at the right time, kind of the Wayne Gretzky of VIPS parties. I hope to be in the middle of that action some day.

    Adaline demonstrated that she's got the moves like Jagger, while Charlie chimed in with some smouldering blues riffs.

    Ok, I didn't get the tattoo of Dylan but I had you going for a moment.

    There was lots of great entertainment, Wren as seems to always be the case will take one for the team and was tied up and left hanging over the building but I understand she made it out safely.

    Merci to our Quebec visitors Miley and Lindsey who reinforced why it is called La Belle Province.

    There was lots of great pole dancing and other forms of entertainment. There were also many other lovely ladies present but I am about to pass out so please others who attended share your thoughts.

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    This I will say: Ms. Harvi sure knows how to throw a party!

    I like that: "smexy." But may I suggest "smexies" for the plural. Not that there's anything wrong with "smexicans," but in the era of political correctness some smart Mexicans might take issue with the term.

    My favourite smexy: Hailey. By God, that woman oozes sexiness and she's smart as a whip! I could've talked to her the whole night if I'd had the chance --"too bad" she interrupted our conversation to go make out with Destiny!
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    Sounds like it was a great time! I’m envious. Thanks Steverino for the blow by blow account of the evening. And Robert Audley seemed to have the perfect smexy example. Well done boys and a round of applause to Ms. Harvi and the gang!

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    Well thanks Stevo for the great rendition of what sounds like another amazing VIP party.
    I have not been to one for many a year now .
    But it seems like only yesterday that I saw some of the greats girls of victoria putting on a show.
    Well done Harvi

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    Had a great time as always (this is my 3rd year). Some really attractive new girls... and I love seeing my established favourites in a party atmosphere.

    I caught Destiny and Hailey's little session too... nice work, girls.

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    Now that I have regained consciousness, a few quick additions to my initial notes. I don't think I did justice to Olivia's performance in the toy show with Dawn. It was jaw dropping and those two were awesome together. Olivia has the sly smile that gets your engine started just watching. Piper is a warm, sexy human being that makes you feel comfortable from the moment you meet her. Yara has a big personality and energy that brings the party to life.
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    Thanks for the update Stevorino. Sounds like a fabulous time. I went to one of the parties a couple of years ago (James Bond theme) and had a wonderful time. Glad to see Ms. Harvi has kept up the high standard. Maybe next time I can make it. I'm insanely jealous of those that made this year's event.

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