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Thread: Gabrielle Novak??? Hidden gem?

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    Gabrielle Novak??? Hidden gem?

    Anyone have seen this beauty in Richmond?

    Could be a hidden gem.

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    Richmond Gabrielle 7481’s thoroughly awful Leolist photos and non-existent writeup and no perb review was an irresistible TOFTT magnet for me to fill my monthly quota of boinking a complete unknown.

    She’s a bit of a looker and has a really nice personality at $200/hr, so my first thought is I hit the jackpot at this rate. Tall and slender at 5’7, maybe 115-120lbs. Basement suit is really clean and well decorated. Bathroom is modern and clean. The few minutes to shower (unattended) occurred after the hour was up. She kept an eye on the clock.

    Hefty DD bolt-ons with that telltale non-natural hardness. No DFK, maybe one peck on the lips, so even LFK was practically non-existant. Mish only, no cowgirl; she has not too bad a hip motion and nice shaved pussy. Flexibility is good. No daty (claimed she was on her period, which I didn’t believe), flinched a bit on DATO, but her holes weren’t super nice to look at. Forgettable CBJ. Forgettable back rub.

    I love her hand-sized ass - and she loved having it rubbed. Flat tummy. Really great shape for a lady advertising as 38. She has a kid, but you can’t tell from looking her body.

    With all the restrictions, her $200 rate is fine. I am a major bbbj daty/dato and dfk fan, so I would fervently hope with her great friendly personality and repeat visits, maybe those doors would open up with repeat visits or more cash. My sense is she works pretty hard to encourage repeats - like the next day (ie. by overdoing it with the compliments trying to build rapport).

    She is very sex conservative and vanilla In terms of passion and getting a bit freaky into sex compared to Langley Izabella 5361. Gabby is probably a 5 or 6 on that scale compared to Izabella at a solid 8-9 (the latter with a well worn leather face with droopy body parts, but who is also happy to spend 2-3 hours with you for $180). As for the face and body vs passion, reverse the numbers.

    Possibly a deal breaker for most people would the TWO insane failed first-contacts ordeal. First call, 3 hours from start to finish, from intro to apology, where a time was set, I parked, waited for an address and further instructions, nada. Ghosted. Day two, set time, I showed up, same deal, ghosted unbelievably again. Still, not holding a grudge or giving up, I said I was willing to connect. 3rd day, 3rd time lucky, FINALLY I get an address, and the date starts and ends pretty much on time, so all is forgiven, even though the promised 2nd makeup hour did not happen. Anyone spending 30-60 minutes travelling, risks many wasted hours if this is her typical behaviour for new clients.

    Another good comparison would be with Taylor 5621 Richmond who is nearly equally nice, but who gives bbbj and allows daty - but is also higher priced for the same 1-hr incall at $280 (her $100 car date is enough). I prefer Gabby, as she left a nicer after date feeling than Izabella or Taylor (certainly not as nice as Ruby or Emele at their $300/hr or $200/hr non-fs price point).

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    Just reached out to her. Hopefully I get a reply.
    The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it. ~ Thoreau

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    I agree with Shanghai, I wasted alot of time just trying to meet. At least 3 or more efforts made coming from a good distance only to be stood up. Wasn't worth the effort and ended up making other arrangements with alternate SP's to fill in. Didn't find her place too clean either. Her restrictions put up flags for me. Nice bolt-ons, sticks to the clock, but not a repeat for me. Been in the business for awhile from what I gather with a bubbly personality but something felt off for me.
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    I just had a wierd text exchange with her. Red flag city.
    Proceed with caution.
    The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it. ~ Thoreau

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