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Thread: Candles warning!

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    Candles warning!

    Well couldn’t believe it. Don’t know if anyone else has ever had this happen or herd of it but Fukn candles.
    Session had just started. Amazing bj then she stopped and noticed there was a small fire on the end table well that little fire was an hr and a half’s worth of donation that just went up in smoke. So got dressed and left. I’m the one that set it on the table so Fuck do ya do. So very expensive lesson learned never put donations on same table as a open candle.

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    Ever heard of a candle holder? ( sorry couldn’t resist)

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    Quote Originally Posted by MB Mod View Post
    Ever heard of a candle holder? ( sorry couldn’t resist)
    I know right!!!! Wasn’t at my place. So didn’t have control of those sorts of details.

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    You are lucky the smoke detectors or sprinklers didn't go off.
    Even though there are days I wish I could change some things that happened in the past, there’s a reason the rear view mirror is so small and the windshield is so big, where you’re headed is much more important than what you’ve left behind.

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