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Thread: Wet and Slippery Review EA

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    Wet and Slippery Review EA

    Took me a while to get a hold of this sp, it was a good session and i'll most likely repeat in the sense of if you like to pound it hard and know the positions you do that in very well, you will go back to her. She doesn't do incalls, well last time I got in touch with her, my session was an outcall.

    ymmv, DATY was good, clean and waxed, if you're into shorter SP's, she fits the bill.

    The extra's oh the Extras. Guess depending on what you're into, there could be an up charge to that request. The rates on her ad is for time only, my session was cbj, mish, doggy, prone, and that is it.

    If you follow my posts, I usually speak of other stuff but that was all extra with this sp. She is cute and sweet. Maybe as time and more visits happen, those extra's will no longer be another donation, who knows.


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    I have seen this provider.
    When she was at a location I hated and once after.
    I did enjoy my time with her and get the impression she is inexperienced and it's a ymmv thing with her. Alot of the women on EA/EB are like this. They aren't as "talented" as some of the mainstays who get glowing reviews here and who have professional level profile shots. Instead they have a charm to them of an amateur porn star if that makes any kind of sense. Some of the fan fave sp's that I've seen over the last two years based on their reviews here(no name drop but y'all know them) are more of a courtesan experience by comparison.

    In short...this sp would be worth a call imo. She told me her name...real first name and she realized shed slipped up but I'm not trash so until she settles on a for sure pseudonym it's her business to be identified as Wet and Slippery.

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