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Thread: Looking for Russian (the act not the people)

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    Looking for Russian (the act not the people)

    Ok hopefully you guys can help. I'm heading back into town beginning of Dec and haven't spent much time pooning lately. Was really hoping to meet up with Electra or Reise, both of which I see aren't around so I guess I have to find someone else. Suggestions?

    Russian is a must, it's been at the top of my list of things I gotta try got awhile. COB would be preferable but not mandatory. Was thinking maybe Camrielle or Tara Tender as that is the approximate size I was hoping for but if you guys have ideas please throw them out there.

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    Hi Habbanappa, I am visiting Nov 1-3. I'll bring the G's and the coconut oil if you bring the pearl necklace

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    Aw... I'm not available for a bit... and I've wanted to see you for awhile lol.. sorry Electa it's super unlikely I'll be around... you going to be around in December at all??

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    I won't be... I hope you find what you are looking for, I hear Tara Tenders is pretty amazing

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    I recommend trying Karina 2300 on leolist and tryst.

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    I've seen mixed reviews on Karina and im lukewarm there tbh.

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    Come see me later this month! I'll be home in 5 days.

    Electra, you're the sweetest

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