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    Anyone notice the massage place on the corner of bay and government closed down

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    U mean vivian’s that was overprice pd with poor massage and aunties? No, but wouldn’t be surprised.

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    Ya it was pretty bad. Vivian was stealing pictures with watermarks and using screenshots from her ipad. Could see all her other selfies in the camera roll.

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    Told by local Chinese lady that Vivians resold !

    Maybe New sign by Nov. 1st

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    Good riddance. Quality matters.

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    They had the worst quality and business model. Same prices as reputable providers too. Makes sense why.

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    Reopened as bamboo new sign is up and open

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    Curious if this place is worth visiting now, I did not enjoy my visit when it was Vivian's. Seeing some new girls advertised there, I am assuming HE is still offered. Anyone had a chance to give it a try yet?

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    Some changes at this spa. New lineup and cleaner venue. Some newer MP's and some who have been in other locations. I tried a new one (I think her name was Carina?) and the massage was very good. HE was offered but I was happy with the massage so I left it at that.

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    I saw the other Asian ( not Celine ) and she wanted 150 for nude Hj . I passed as I came get a much better massage and fs with 7277 Yuki

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    There is a Helen and Jenny advertised separately but working at this spa as well I believe; has anyone seen either of those two?

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    Saw Hellen. Good looking, I would guess in her 40s great massage, standard extras. No music, which seems like an obvious way to enhance the experience- but what do I know, I don't run a spa. Maybe needs to wash her hair a little more often. Not a bad option if you're looking to try somewhere new, and miles ahead of what it's replacing.

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    I went in to see Hellen but she's not the same girl as the LL picture, not even close, so I passed. I was told that Jenny was available as well, took a look at her, ok body but didn't find her attractive so I walked.

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    Hellen was the one I saw. Maybe her prices will /have come down. Similarly how mariahs price went up to 150 from 130 and back up again. It may be due to demand or ymmv.

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    Hellen seems to be Apple... or they sharing pictures.

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