To be honest before escorting I had no idea this was a thing. But looking back I have always enjoyed this type of play not realizing it had a name or was even actual thing to do. Lucky me, now in my early 30's i'm figuring it all out! I am so fortune I get to play all day long with so many different people, with different sliding scales of kinks and fetishes. GFE to PSE baby, and all the grey area in-between!

I used to play with boys in the forest like this... But now I am a woman and I get to play with men. I'm a full time pillow princess now, living out more then I could even have imagined in my wildest dreams! The world is at my finger tips and I get to choose who I want to play with. What is fascinating me the most is playing with Cuckholds and having the ability to tease and deny some one over periods of time. It could be anywhere from a short hh or h. Or Longer .....

Tease & Denial

I love love love the thought of a big hard throbbing dick with pre c*m dripping out the tip uncontrollably. Creating a puddle. Stroking it till it almost bursts. Making you tell me how close out of 10 you are. Touching your body so it quivers everywhere, watching your dick jump for me while I touch a totally separate part of your body. I could go on and on you get the idea. I know a certain number of you yearn for a goddess like me to take total control.


Equally sexy and totally interesting. You also like a bit of tease and denial dont you, but you want to play a totally different game.

Now you need a true goddess that is fully superior. I don't know why you feel this way, but you do. There are so many different forms of cuckholds, each relationship I have with every one is just a little bit different. Allot of similarities, but what really makes you tick is YMMV for sure. I have played allot with just me and the other person with allot of fantasy talk, I have also brought other bulls in to take this to the next level. Each person is so Unique, I love this , lets explore and grow together, lets create one kinky extended fantasy, building on one apt to the next.

I would love to play with both cuckholds and tease & denial men allot more, explore deeper into this particular fetish. I would love to start caging a couple men and play with how that works. I would like to work on an on going basis, in person , as well threw pictures , text and video , to really get deeper into this fetish. With that being said, I would be willing to work out monthly/bi weekly/weekly arrangements . I can still do hh / 1 /2 hour appointments , but I think it would be really fun to get farther into this kink/fetish and really play around with it.

I also have a couple new bulls I am really interested in trying out that you will love!

If you choose the arrangement route, it would ultimately be a much better deal then paying for small chunks of time, if you are serious about having a goddess in your life I am serious about playing with you and taking it to the next level. Lets see how kinky we can get this!

Contact me @ 250-619-2329

There are MULTIPLE ways to research me

Twitter @ veronicablake69


Rates for Smaller chunks of time are as follows :

45 min 280

1 Hour 320

2 Hour 600

3 Hour 800

** Bulls will be extra on top of my rates

** Arrangements to be discussed between us once we figure out your particular needs