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Thread: Duo with Brittanya and Amy-Lee

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    Duo with Brittanya and Amy-Lee

    Had a quick duo today with Britt and Amy-Lee (couldn’t find her link now). Prompt replies and easy to set up even with short notice. Two very fun ladies, one short and blonde the other tall and dark hair, both with huge naturals that still sit up nice and fat asses. Had to pause them both a bit during a warm up double bj, not only do they look great doing it but it was my first duo so was getting over excited. They didn’t mind and their attitudes made it more relaxed. Did some doggy on both which is fun To have an extra pair of hands to encourage you. Finally told one to hop on and ride me until I bust while the other groped me all over. Their a good pair and good value together or on their own, would recommend if you’ve been thinking of an intro to duo before they leave Sunday.

    Good luck out there !

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    Thx for that. Someone said fake pictures were being used but I can’t see how given the name tags in her pics.
    I texted and got “Hi hun hru?” So I didn’t bother following up as I asked for their donation amount. Figured it would have been a simple thing to answer.

    Perhaps you can share what the damages were?

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    I texted and received the following

    140/15 180hh 280hr

    duo 280/15 360hh 560hr

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    Jerk off and then look at those rates again.

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    Those are the rates, in terms of service I guess it is YMMV.

    That does suck for Strange and I would be choked about a switch like that. And in fairness, I think I just said naturals cause that’s what they posted, but they are thick enough that neither looks outlandish with those huge tits. I consider myself pretty picky, really only see a couple French girls, but I may have had rose coloured goggles on from the first duo. The blonde will twerk on your dick though which looks good no matter who you are haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by wpgguy1969 View Post
    Jerk off and then look at those rates again.
    best comment of the month! 😆

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    No doubt. Made me spit out my drink. Hahahahaha!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wpgguy1969 View Post
    Jerk off and then look at those rates again.
    Love this comment... reconnect ur

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