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Thread: Duo with Ms Tegan Smith and Ruby Labelle

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    Duo with Ms Tegan Smith and Ruby Labelle

    I had the pleasure of sharing Ruby today with the incredibly talented Tegan. Location was a private downtown nice apartment building. We started with wine and snacks that I brought. After getting to know each other, the fun begin. Both have exquisite curves in all the right places. Both take very good care of themselves. The session? Well, that's between us, but I left happier than I've been in a while. I would highly recommend both providers.


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    Wow, I've seen both of them separately and they're incredible women so I bet that was a lot of fun. Ruby is a sexy sweetheart and I've seen her quite a few times, unfortunately she'll be leaving the city in early November (until next August) so if anyone was thinking about seeing her then now is the time.

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    With Ruby leaving, I'm hoping to make Tegan a regular. Her sweet bum...

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