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    Sensual Sienna

    After reading the reviews on here, I thought I would give her a try. I t wasn't all that good. I have had a lot better! Nice place that is easy to find. Talked for about 15 minutes then headed to the bedroom. After undressing each other, some bj and daty tried a couple of positions. After I blew my load we laid there and talked some more. She made no move to try for another round or to clean me off. When my time was nearly up, she said there is some wet ones on the night table, clean your self up. Got dressed and waited near the door for me to get dressed and leave. Definitely not a repeat customer.

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    I had a similar experience. She was very warm and welcoming and put me right at ease when I got there, which was great!, but the session itself was super average. The BBBJ was all teeth - I had to ask her to stop as it was getting painful - then we moved though a few standard positions and it was fine but mechanical.

    I wouldn’t give her a bad review but it wasn’t really any better than ok, I’d rather roll the dice at an agency than repeat. maybe I was expecting too much due to all the rave reviews on here.

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    Ive been seeing Sienna for a long while and have had nothing but excellent service and and real good time . Maybe you pissed her off

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    Never pissed her off. She didn't appear to have any interest in what was happening. Very boring experience for me. No second visit

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    Did you ask if 2 shots were included? I don’t expect the Sp to wipe me off ever, maybe your time was up. I’ve also had a great time with sienna multiple times. could be your hygiene was off or a multitude of reasons.. but some just don’t click sorry to hear you had a bad time

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    In initial talk, asked about msog. Told it was included. Time was not up and she seemed to be rushing me out. I have had several SP remove the condom and wipe it off. Then they are ready for the second round. Just had shower before meeting. Will not repeat!

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    Saw Sienna earlier this week. It was my first time with her. I got to to her place a little early, we sat down and chatted for a bit which really got me comfortable. I set up a little roleplay in our I initial conversation and she accommodated nicely. We had an awesome 90 minutes together. I love her, she is such a lady but also quite a freak. Definitely someone I will see again, she was amazing!

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    Her pics are well over 10 years old not accurate

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    Regardless, her body is still in great shape and she is fun AF!

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    I have never, ever not had the lady wipe me off. It seems like a given.
    As for Sienna, I had a great time with her when she first hit Victoria, and maybe once or twice more.
    But the last time I saw her the (two hour) visit was pretty ho-hum. After lackluster first round (which was after about 20 minutes of chit-chat) she made no effort to initiate round two. Again with conversation. I suppose I should have or could have made a move towards more, but I just wasn't feeling the vibe. She's off my list now.
    To each their own, and I hope she connects with others and provides the service she used to. But I'm out.

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    I had a visit with her a few weeks ago and can confirm with most that it was mediocre at best.

    Probably one of the worst experiences and I would say to most take a pass and don't even bother seeing her.

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