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Thread: First time Experience - Looking for DUO

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    First time Experience - Looking for DUO

    Hi All,

    Newb here!

    I am looking to break the seal with a worth while new experience. I've always wanted to try an interactive duo.

    Any recommendations?

    Not to sound shallow, I'd like objectively beautiful ladies.

    Thank you!

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    Easiest would be to go through the screening process with one of the agencies, Rouge, WCA, Asian Fever, etc. Another good option is to start browsing independent ladies’ websites as they often will list who they do duos with. Then be open but direct when communicating what you want. Your idea of interactive might be different than their. So it’s best to be clear up front about it.

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    Thanks for the heads up MrEd!

    I was also wondering if you experienced fellows know who is known for there duos? Any stars?
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    We offer interactive duos if you are into asian ladies.

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    i would like to try Staycie and Scarlet..

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    Quote Originally Posted by marklasco View Post
    i would like to try Staycie and Scarlet..
    I don’t regret my first pooning experience nor my first Staycie encounter, but if I could do it all over they would be one and the same and to throw Scarlett into that mix...that would be a hard act to follow!!

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    Don't see any ad on leo for staycie.... can you guys point me in the right direction? Thanks!

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