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    n00b question

    I'm not sure if this is the right board for this type of questions, but I'll give it a try.
    I'm new to the FS scene. Had some massage action before (well, in Thailand, not really sure if it's the same here), but never FS. I've been a silent member in this community the last couple of months and I was thinking of trying one of the Asian Fever girls, but I'm not quite clear on the FS etiquette.
    Do I pay upfront?
    Am I expected to tip on top of the asking price?
    Is there some guide in this site regarding the proper procedure?
    I read the tradesecretsguide, but there was not a lot of information on the process itself.

    (Sorry for reposting this. I put it on the wrong forum before)

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    Quote Originally Posted by flocko View Post
    Do I pay upfront?

    Quote Originally Posted by flocko View Post
    Am I expected to tip on top of the asking price?
    No, unless you are requesting "extras"

    Quote Originally Posted by flocko View Post
    Is there some guide in this site regarding the proper procedure?
    Some of our resources below will likely apply to most Escorts. Feel free to have a read.

    Please use our website for the complete list of models, schedule, pricing, and full menu listing.

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    twitter - @asianfever604
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    Yep, payment up front. Some providers prefer it to be a little discreet, envelope on a table or counter rather than handing over the cash, but from my experience AF doesn't care about that.
    Tipping seems to be a personal preference kind of thing. Some do all the time, some don't at all, and some pick and choose when they tip.
    I've never gotten the feeling that a provider was waiting for or expecting a tip, though they are always very thankful if you do.
    I've also brought flowers before for some ladies that I know would appreciate that kind of gift (but to me that's more for a higher end independent lady and longer sessions than what I would usually book with Asian fever).
    The most important fs etiquette to me is hygiene. Especially if you want a good experience. Floss, and brush teeth beforehand. Use the mouthwash provided. Trim the nails and any relevant manscaping that might be needed. Have the shower at the beginning even if you come to the appointment already clean. It helps puts them at ease knowing you are clean and ready to go.
    PM me if you have any follow up questions.
    Have fun!

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