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    Jessica 0926

    Is there any information on Jessica?
    She looks so good maybe to good
    To be True

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    Can u provide a link? And unfortunately, I've experienced that same dilemma, ("if it looks too good to be true, than it probably is"). I took the chance and was disappointed, it's your call

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    I assume this is the post you are talking about. I would guess you are right. I have not contacted or seen her but for me there are a few red flags; every picture has a different outfit, outcall only (not always the case but just adds to the red flag list and I’d be willing to bet she’s asking for a deposit), if those aren’t enough... she posted in Victoria 30 mins after posting in Kelowna, also listed in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton... must be racking up those frequent flyer miles. I’d suggest sticking with the tried and true ones here.

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    Definately too good to be true...most of those pics pop up on a couple image sites when you do a reverse image search.

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    Has anyone taken the plunge with this one yet? If so what did you think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaykelowna View Post
    Has anyone taken the plunge with this one yet? If so what did you think?
    There's another thread that calls her a scammer asking for funds transferred in advance. Do a search on her and last 4 digits

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    Total fake and I would be willing to bet the source of all these consistent fakes is the person/people who run the Leolist website. It has elevated to the point where there are more fake ads than real and if the website owner cared about longevity , they would eliminate the fakes quickly..... they don't though. The fakes , often same ones just keep coming and or change phone numbers and names but same scams. Only logical answer is the website itself. I am hoping someone soon starts up a site and this Leolist site can fade away like your etransfers they ask for :-)

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    Trouble is the fakes for us, are bread and butter for the website. They have to pay to post an ad, weather fake or real.

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