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Thread: Any info of Sultry Showgirl 0968

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    Any info of Sultry Showgirl 0968

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    Quote Originally Posted by azteker View Post
    Asking a lot for a massage and HJ.
    Says she fires clients who review her, so if guys enjoy her company, they obviously aren't going to review her.

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    Do a search for “Natasha Belle” or “Natasha Gym Bunny” and you will find some reviews. Or, if you prefer the numbers, 0968 or 3040.

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    She's awesome. A little odd but gives a great massage (hard, just the way I like it) and a really sensual HE.....haven't seen her for a while. Probably due for a revisit.

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    Due for a revisit myself as well. Was a regular for a while. Service was fantastic and shes a sweetheart. Massage on par with Brie from Surrey

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