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    sweet april

    got to meet this beautiful girl recently, booking was easy and quick response, she got herself a website with details and pics, fuuking great ass, unforgettable ass. make u D disappear in her mouth, many eye contacts with some dirty talk, lap dances . u might just let her lead u through and have a great time. price is ok . better look in person. will repeat and treat everyone kind. have a blessed day

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    I know what you mean, she's a gem. I met with her for the first time last month, HH, not enough time for her level of skill. I'm planning my next rendezvous. She is absolutely amazing. Glad you had fun

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    I can't agree more. This is my first review so bear with me. I've been out of this game for about 4 years. Its crazy how much things have changed since then. I decided to take a dive back in and was very drawn to Aprils ad and website, i could not resist, so I decided to send her a text a couple weeks ago. And man am I glad I did. Her pictures do not do her justice. She is amazingly beautiful. Those eyes and that smile. Very intelligent and interesting conversation as well. Since this is my first review, I don't want to go into too much detail. All I can say is I was nervous as hell at first but within minutes she made me feel so comfortable. Starting with the lap dance. Everything else after that i will keep to my self for now. Just wanna say the most amazing time I've had in a loooooong time. Still can't get the image of that perfect bum out of my mind. I forgot how expensive this hobby was, however every dollar for the hr was worth it. Will be seeing her again.

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    You did better than me, I booked with April yesterday, rates are now 180/hh, was told to confirm tomorrow ( today) for address, drove in to the city as I messaged five times, no response, she finally messages back over four hours later with a token apology ( slept in). Life starts to stuck with you get stood up by escorts!

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    She should offer more than an apology. A discounted session at earliest convenience would be a nice start, since you had to drive to the city.
    Or maybe the guys that tired her out yesterday should chip in! ; )

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    yep agree she is amazing!!

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