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Thread: Is Everyone In This Hobby Flakey?

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    Is Everyone In This Hobby Flakey?

    To me being flakey is being not normal. Everyone's definition of normal is different. Flakey people can be pooners and sp's. Based on your definition of normal or flakey how many people would you say are flakey in this hobby? Who are the most flakey? pooners? sp's? What is your description of flakey? Feel free to add anything else related to being flakey and this hobby.

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    It’s not a hobby.

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    This has been a hobby of mine for nearly forty years off and on. Does that seem flakey?
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    Judging by the level of grammar and post topics on this forum, it seems most pooners are somewhat intelligent and can put together a sentence or two.

    A lot of the established SP's also seem to have their act together.

    You want flakey? Try musicians.

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    Quote Originally Posted by masterblaster View Post
    It’s not a hobby.
    But does replying "it's not a hobby" to every post that uses the word "hobby" qualify as a hobby?

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    I may be flaky but I am certainly not "flakey."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldfart View Post
    I may be flaky but I am certainly not "flakey."
    And perhaps a bit elliptical.
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