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Thread: Being Rude To Telemarketers

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    Quote Originally Posted by 80watts View Post
    Banks do have your SIN number if you have an RRSP. A SIN is how the government knows it is you.

    Not sure about credit card information?
    I deal with two banks, neither has aggressive phone calling programs. I get maybe a call a year from each, if i just say "not interested " they thank me for my time, and goodbye. I owe each one millions, make my payments every month, pay off my credit cards monthly, and lead a humble life. I'm not their typical "good" customer, who is either rich, or a cash cow by making their minimum payment is all on multiple credit cards and is a cash cow at 18% interest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Correct View Post
    Especially out here, I doubt that they would even be on this road. This is more a rural area with acreages, so its a walk between homes as well. Basically I find people who live here respect others peace and quiet more than in a big city. When in a town of 9,500 it doesn't take doing many stupid things, to earn a reputation right across town as being a douche bag. So other than about 10 lunatics, its pretty quiet. Add to that I live 7 kms from town, meh, people don't bother me. And all of my neighbors are great! Not that i can actually see another house from my own. So I use the term neighbors loosely...the next three house to my left and to my right, all are awesome!
    I know what it is like as I have lived in Revelstoke.My fathers place was 19 miles west of town.When I call Revelstoke a "shithole" I mean that from an economic view point.The only way you are getting ahead there is if you are a medical professional/lawyer/government worker/municipal worker or land a full time permanent job at the mill.The cost of everything is through the roof and everyone wants to extract their "pound of flesh" so to speak.It is a beautifull place
    with a lot of recreation activities and the fishing/hunting is wicked.I last lived there 20 years ago and I only know of a single person in my group of friends that got on the property ladder....the rest are all still going now where.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jethro Bodine View Post
    If you say so but I respectfully disagree you.
    I've been in the business world for +35 years and have never given any phone company (including Rogers) my SIN.
    As well I have been Audited twice by CRA and have a good friend who is a forensic accountant for CRA. I know how audits work and how they are triggered.
    I guess we both have our opinions on this particular subject.


    Make of it what you will. You might have not given a SIN, but maybe you gave your corporation number, or some type of info that confirms you're a legit business. If your business is incorporated you would have been required to give that info.

    We both have had different experiences, I've seen call centre environments make people turn malicious. We're not just talking about those hired to work as outbound telemarketers, we're talking about people who work in customer service type roles and having to talk to the type of people you'd punch out in person if they talked to you that way. You're probably a much nicer guy than the type of people who'd push these agents to the limits I mentioned (such as making fabricated reports to CRA, going to the person's place of business and giving the customer the same hard time in person, or writing fabricated reviews on yelp...etc). They would make reports to CRA, and that was all I knew, but I don't know what the outcome would be, or how the CRA would go about it... these guys who were submitting the fabricated reports were the ones telling me that this is what would happen to the businesses that they were targeting. Bottom line is they were butthurt losers who'd spend too much time trying to screw over small businesses. The most I ever did was tell this one local restaurant owner (who had multiple chains) that I had been to a few of his chains and that I would not treat him or his staff the way he was treating me over the phone, he instantly changed his tone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lukom View Post
    Make of it what you will. You might have not given a SIN, but maybe you gave your corporation number, or some type of info that confirms you're a legit business. If your business is incorporated you would have been required to give that info.
    Wrong again! The only people who know my Corp. Number are my lawyer, accountant, CRA, Manitoba Finance (which is for RST) and my bank.
    You certainly don't need to provide your Corp. number when signing up for phone service.
    At least I NEVER have.

    And once again CRA is not going to do anything with some random anonymous call. Unless the person at the call centre has intimate knowledge of the persons's business and can provide specific information as to how or why they are cheating tax system they are going to do fuck all.

    "Hello CRA. I'd like to report Mr. John Smith, who owns XYZ Janitorial Service for tax evasion."
    "Okay Sir. And how do you know this."
    "Uhmm, I just know."
    "What is your relationship with Mr. Smith."
    "None really, he was just rude to me on the phone. I'm sure he's cheating on his taxes."
    "What specifically is he doing that you want to report."
    "I'm sure he's not declaring income."
    "Okay. How do you know this?"
    "I just have a feeling? And I know his SIN."
    "How do you know his SIN?"
    "I work for a phone company and he gave it to us."
    "Do you realize it is a Federal Offence to you to personally obtain that information from your employer and then use that information?"
    "But he's a tax cheat."
    "What is your name sir?"
    "Uhhh. I'd prefer to remain anonymous."
    "Good day sir"

    I challenge anyone on this site to anonymously call CRA and tell them you want to report someone for tax evasion. They'll ask who and how you know this. Unless you can give them some pretty solid facts to back up their claims it goes no where.
    I had an SP friend years ago who had a douche bag ex try to fuck her up with CRA. She found out because he bragged about it to a friend of both of theirs. He called and told them that she was earning unreported income. She never heard anything from them and there is a case where if they would have done a net worth audit she may have gotten into trouble. She lived in a nice condo and drove a $50,000.00 car and her only source of legitimate income was a part time job as a nursing assistant at a seniors home. I'm sure they realized he was jsut someone trying to use them to settle a score and they weren't about to waste their time on what is 99 out of 100 times a wild goose chase.

    Enough of the back and forth. Obviously your experience is certainly much different than mine has ever been.
    I am out on this thread.

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    Y'all come back now,

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