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    Felina Rose

    Felina - her name is synonymous with legendary, her reputation impeccable, her passion unbridled.

    I met up with this Mexican seductress earlier this week, and the experience was so amazing I just have to share it.

    I contacted Felina a couple days in advance and she agreed to meet me for dinner with "dessert" to follow. The anticipation grew over the next 48 hours. Having previously spent time with this engaging woman, I knew I was in for a treat.

    When I arrived at her incall location to pick her up, I sent a quick text to let her know I was there. Soon after that she greeted me with a kiss and a warm embrace. The evening had started off on the right note!

    Felina always looks great when I see her. That night was no exception, as she adorned a sexy black top with just the right amount of cleavage and a pair of black pants that complemented her curves perfectly.

    Immediately we dove into a deep conversation, picking up seamlessly from the last visit. Throughout the night we enjoyed stimulating conversation. Somehow, Felina has a way of disarming pretenses with her genuine inquisitive nature. A complete connection of mind, emotion and thought flowed so freely and effortlessly. Throughout the meal, I kept wanting to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming. Occasionally I would catch myself just staring at her beauty, only then reminding myself to stay present. If only one could bottle these moments so they could be revisited later with the same sensations.

    After enjoying delectable fare from a newly discovered favorite in the exchange district, we continued on our adventure. The night seemed to keep get better at every turn. What happened between the sheets was nothing less than spectacular. The intensity of the passion was truly indescribable. It eclipsed every experience i have had in or out of this hobby.

    To ask whether I would recommend Felina is like asking if water is wet. She is a treasure and it confounds me how she keeps getting better.

    Look for her advertising on this board.

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    Thank you! I’m very flattered and appreciate this review!
    We have had so many adventures together!
    Right from the moment we met there is an undeniable connection!
    And as time goes by the mutual respect and the same adventurous spirit we share.
    Makes for some of the most memorable encounters together!

    Looking forward to what kind of naughty adventure awaits us!

    Much love .....

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