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Thread: Technical Problem in the Selfie Section

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    Technical Problem in the Selfie Section

    Just so you ladies are aware......some of us cannot post our compliments in the selfie section.
    I my track record would indicate, that I had been banned for some reason in that section.
    I inquired and the management here informed me that it wasn't just myself that was having that problem.

    So to you ladies that think your not getting the well deserved comments.....some of us cannot post, due too technical difficulties, that I'm told is being worked on by Markservice.

    Oh....and to Shortermvisitor, the last selfie is a 9-1/2 ......... If you'd allowed a nipple slip, it would have been a strong 10.

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    I've tried and wasn't allowed to I thought it was for ladies only to post in.
    Follow your dreams, because nobody else will do it for you!

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    The Selfie section is one of the best additions to PERB ever..

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