Hello gentlemen, ladies and kinky couples

October the 5th in a specious Richmond condo from 3:30-6:30pm, there will be at least three lovely ladies and at most six fun loving gents. One spot left (750 for single gents and 300 for couples, all inclusive).

October the 9th by special request will be a Kinky Katey gangbang in Vancouver 10am-12pm ish just myself and 4-5 perbverts for some serious porno action with some serious porno acronyms (500 all inclusive)

October the 18th in Abbotsford fun and kinky Halloween themed event, again atleast three lovely ladies for three hours of debotchary (750 for single gents and 300 for couples)

Have special requests for future events? Let's hear it and see what naughtiness we can dream up!

Text or email only please 250-900-6471 or [email protected]