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Thread: Sheila Renee LL?

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    Sheila Renee LL?

    Good afternoon,

    Does anyone know if Sheila Renee is a legit sp?

    I see her posts but when I tried to call her it came up as long distance. Which is not necessarily a red flag as there are touring sp here all the time, but a long-distance local number I wasn't sure.

    Plus so many people on the news busted for exploitation, just not sure if she is independent or real.

    Has anyone seen this sp yet?


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    Terrible. Don't waste your time. Got a hold of her, then went to see her, then told to wait for a few minutes, 10 mins pass, then said sorry can't do it. I left, then she called 10 mins later while I was driving, left a voicemail said she is free now and I went back, then finally saw her, then the rates changed and service changed. Awe. I know I did this to myself, I am sticking to the touring SP's .

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