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Thread: Info on new girls @5890

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    Info on new girls @5890

    Anyone see any of the new girls at k604? Yurt, Cola or Ellena?

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    writing up a report on ellena

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    Ellena is taller than Cola, more fun than Cola. Better kisser than Cola.

    Cola is short like Mimi, has a nice tan with tight body for those spinner body fan. Does better BBBJ than Ellena

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    Does Cola look like her photos?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xRiCeYx View Post
    Does Cola look like her photos?
    Nope, she is shorter. Very excellent banging spinner body. Great BBBJ but lacking a bit GFE.

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    And how is Lisa? please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Good-life View Post
    And how is Lisa? please.
    Waiting for hasthed Ellena review but maybe it's a novel!

    Coles notes version for look like her. Tall and pretty face, friendly lady but a little too skinny for me. Nice manmade B/C with little pink nips perfect for sucking on :-P She did a Good job with the BLS and BBBJ and the DFK was really good.

    She was a little scared of my size but worked her through multiple positions and she could take a solid pounding.
    All in all was a good session so I would recommend but won't likely repeat as way too much pelt out there that I need to see.

    Her roomie is Lisa and brosan said her service is really good and suggested I come back soon!!


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    How does Cola compare to Mimi?

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    I wanted to see Titi. Booked with Lisa, but something came up, so I booked with Titi. Wrote a review.

    Lisa is still very much on my radar. PM me if you're more comfortable.

    On PM or here, I will share any info on 5890 girls that I have.

    Reminder: I prefer better SERVICE and ATTITUDE, over facial beauty. Maybe, you didn't find her to be your type facially, BUT her service and attitude were great. Please at least recommend her to me.

    One of the most frustrating dates for me, is a hottie, with bad service and bad attitude.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lovejyp View Post
    How does Cola compare to Mimi?
    Also interested in knowing, even though I haven't seen neither of them.

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    Both are tiny girl @5".
    Face wise, i like Mimi over Cola

    Body wise, Cola has a perfect fit tight toned body. Cola has a clean shaved pussy while Mimi has a hairy pussy. Great view when banging Cola from doggie position.

    Attitude wise, I found Mimi more fun to hang around with.

    Service wise, standard K-routine. Cola does shower BBBJ and she can deep throat your dick whereas Mimi seems like a non pro.

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    Any information on Yuta?

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    Would have liked to try Mimi for the comparison with cola, but unfortunately Asian only.
    Cola reminds me of an early tour Kara body wise (thin, but in a healthier way), but she likes to lead instead of kara's non routine doing what you want.
    Frisky girl for sure, great DT, BLS. Vibrator. Good times.

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    I guess Mimi going all Asian was my fault... Sorry about that fellow non Asians. Oops.

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    I recently booked an appointment with Cola. Parking and elevator was easy access. Got to the front door and an asian guy answered lead me to her room.

    Cola had the open toe high heels with a yellow type bikini on. Cola is around five foot nothing, nice smooth, firm tanned skin. Athletic body. She has man made boobs that look really well done. Her face is alright looking but not my type. Her body is amazing, I love this type of body! Paid the two hundred for forty five minutes.

    Did the standard mouth wash, shower and bbbj. Went to the bedroom and laid face and had a five minute bbbj, she is really good with her tongue. She put a rubber on and lots of lube and jumped on cowgirl for a few minutes and spun around to reverse cowgirl and was just grinding away, I almost popped. She leaned back and grabbed her lube and grabbed my hand to rub her clit as she was grinding away. Switched over to doggy for a good fifteen minutes and she was using her vibrator on herself, moaning away And kept telling me to go slow. Time was starting to run out so I asked about finishing with bbbj, she wanted an extra forty so we finished with a hj and had a quick shower.

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