Hello Perberts and Perbettes,

I am in Vancouver until October 2nd, then off to Austin for a week to teach at a rope bondage conference. I'm known mostly for my kinky dealings these days, but you know... I still crave the connection, intimacy, and heightened sensations brought on by erotic and therapeutic massage. The slow seduction, the gradual coming together. Teaching you how to relax and receive and enjoy, and watching you melt under my hands.

I have 15 years of working as a massage therapist under my garter belt, and while I can wrap you around my little finger, I can also release the knots of stress in your back and legs.

Let me show you why I have a reputation for being excellent with my hands. I long to wrap myself around you, melt with you, as you feel the day washing away and other feelings wash over you. Lust, curiosity, a little moan of pleasure, the warm glide of oil across your skin, the anticipation as I get closer and closer towards your center.

Come with me where it's warm and soft, where things are simple and you don't have any pressure to perform. Your only task here is to enjoy, to allow yourself to be served by pleasure.

Appointments available until Monday evening, and then again as of Oct 11th.

More information, rates, and photos on http://www.xanthine.ca