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Thread: Edmonton Massage Parlor DON'Ts:

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    Thumbs down Edmonton Massage Parlor DON'Ts:

    1) Velvet Touch - the twins are an interesting turn on when they meet you at the door but become a huge turn off when you're in the room. They want you in and out as fast as possible. Overall the girls are below average and just don't care.

    2) Sinderellas - had 2 experiences there where the girls were borderline drunk, reeked of booze and cigarettes, and not one session worth talking about; good looking yes, but not interested at all

    3) Mirage - perhaps no longer around, Rebecca was amazing but the proprietor was a b*tch and wanted nothing to do with any requests (just do it my way and leave)

    4) Cloud Nine - combination of Sinderellas and Mirage - also the girls looked like Biker chicks - avoid

    5) Hooters (Yellowhead trail and 124st) - see #4

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    Biker chicks are so HOT!!!

    But what is this Hooters place you speak of? The only one I'm aware of is situated in West Edmonton Mall and is a franchise of the American sports bar chain (the McD's of such places) that features average-looking and disinterested girls in skimpy clothes serving beer and chicken wings to rowdy frat boys and redneck tourists from Bumblefuck, Saskatchewan.

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    #3 Owner Tammy lost lease on location and moved south to 99st Studio. Actually had a couple of decent sessions but service really went downhill last couple of times I saw her and will never re-visit.

    #4 Had recent good session with Kitt. Studio nice. See separate review thread below. Others reviews of ladies are mixed. Some good some bad.

    #5 Studio still there but has a different name. Ran afoul of lawyers for restaurant chain (no surprise). Has had several changes of ownership last few years and spotty rep at best.

    I have had good and bad service at both "nice" studios and some of the more "basic" places. Seems more tied to the particular lady than the studio itself.

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    Hooters, Christ, it hasn't been called that in 2 or 3 years. Is now called Pleasure Point and as noted above has has changed owners a couple of times in that time. Used to be a great studio, was almost my second home for a couple of years.

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    I have been to cloud 9 a few times and the place is pretty nice, and the girls I have seen are all good, and now that they have kitt there the studio has definetly gone up a grade.

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