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Thread: Looking for recommendations within walking distance to royal oak skytrain station

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    Looking for recommendations within walking distance to royal oak skytrain station

    Hello, is there any recommendation for either HS or FS within walking distance from Royal Oak Skytrain station? Looking to have some fun at lunch.

    Thanks to my fellow pooners!

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    Debby 8823 used to be a few blocks away from Royal Oak station, but I think she may have moved, so you should check to make sure.
    I just had a look on leolist and her ad is not there.
    Has anyone here seen Debby recently?

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    Karina BBW, operates close enough to Royal Oak. or at least she did last I checked. 236-836-2300.

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    Thanks for the tips.

    From the previous reviews posted, sounds like Rumi 7681 and Yuki 8611 were close to royal oak but looks like they are not in the business anymore. Chloe 7681 has the same number as Rumi but she is in a high rise? Not sure if she is in the same location as Rumi.

    Was curious about Tokyo acupressure on Imperial, but reviews suggested I should go no where close to that place.

    That is a summary of what I found here

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    We have a location there

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    Second attempt. Thx

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    This AF location is well worth the visit!
    Twinkle is very cute and a tonne of fun!

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