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Thread: Excellent Massage! Jessica in Bridgwater

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    Excellent Massage! Jessica in Bridgwater

    Here is her leolist page:

    I saw her maybe one month ago. Sorry for being late to write a review.

    My session was one hour long, and I had a very good time.

    The massage was a true enjoyment, especailly when she was sliding her fingers on my back.

    The conbination of itchy and erotic was unforgettable.

    She is a very kind and generous girl.

    I didn't pay for her to be naked, but she did it voluntarily. She even asked me to put my finger into her vagina.

    I really wasn't expecting that!

    Definitely repeating!

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    How much did she charge for a massage with a figure in her vag? I’m not sure it sounds like a very good deal if you paid the prices on her ad but thought I’d ask.

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    Now it is 200 for one hour. I don't know if it is only for massage or there is any other service included.

    But it was 80 for one hour, but only for massage. Naked for 20, touching for 20, licking for 80(includes naked and touching), HJ for 40, bj for 80.

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    Damn, what happened to $60 massage for 30mins.The girls charge whatever the market is willing to pay so we gotta push back a little so they improve service for the price increase or drop their prices because clients aren't willing to pay more for little service improvement.

    I understand they gotta make money but pretty soon she's going to charge $300 & up for FS.

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    The stable manager must be taking quite the cut. There's been a couple of girls in this group who've decided to venture out on their own.

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    Terrible service!! Won’t repeat!

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    She is not that great, I booked with for an hour almost 3 weeks ago. I think the whole service last about 30 mins. She is very mechanical and no emotion at all. Massage itself is medicore and the "fun" part is not fun at all, very business like. This is actually the first time I had a not so good experience after checking other reviews. Maybe she just doesn't like me. YMMV.

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    My experience was also bad, lackluster massage, and she even admitted to being hung over and told me a couple times she might throw up.....mood killer

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    Quote Originally Posted by PedroPistol View Post
    told me a couple times she might throw up.....
    There are weirdos out there that would pay extra for that.

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    I had a session with her. Lookswise early 20s and cute like a school girl. Big ass and she loves to have it spanked. That part was fun.

    When I arrived she was in pyjamas and a hoodie and her hair was messy. She decided to smoke a bowl before hand which doesn’t bother me. Massage however left a bit to be desired.

    I opted for the HE and licking options . I’ve seen both Emma and Teagan and they were quite good. Was anticipating another good one but I wouldn’t repeat with her.

    She rushed through the HR and when she mounted me for licking in the table her ass was so smelly that I nearly gagged. She rushed then ending and was quite aloof during the session. Did not even see me to the door which I found rude and unusual.

    She’s got some maturing to donif she intends to stay in the industry. At this point I wouldn’t recommend though...
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    Not my experience with this young lady. I get the confusion from the upsell of the $60 and $80 to now a flat rate of $150 and $200 but she, at least with me has been more than involved in the session and i realize ymmv. Jess has gone the extra mile for me and satisfaction with the service is way up there. Oh and btw she handles her own communication. I will def repeat and repeat.

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    First post..had wanted to post in the passt but had to get permissions fixed. Needed to speak out here lol i would agree with original post in this thread. Had a similar or perhaps even better experience...Had nothing but great experiences with Jessica!! Great attitude, extremely friendly, attentive and engaging. Makes you feel extremely comfortable as she is a great conversationalist and actually engages in interesting and meaningful topics. Massage services were amazing and she offers a wide selection of services!! Great curves and great looks! She does goves preference to regular clientele and if you treat her with respect she will treat you well! Ymmv. Our session together was way above average. But in my opinion definitely worth the experience..she puts a lot of effort into making you feel satisfied. She is independent and you are talking to her directly when texting. Would definitely repeat!
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    Sounds to me like the typical scenario with many of the younger girls out there who have yet to become truly dedicated to their craft/profession.
    That's why we get the wide variation in reviews. Sounds like some days she's on her game and others (PJ's, Hoodie, Stoned, Hung-over) not.
    To be a true professional and have success in this biz they need to learn that the level of their service needs to be consistent.
    I'm not going to hire anyone if I can't rely on consistently top notch service.
    And if you're hung over or just not feeling it take the day off.

    Y'all come back now,

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