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Thread: Hol on LL review

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    Hol on LL review

    Just spent some time with Hol. She is Holland who was more active a few years ago. Session was not bad but not amazing either.
    Verified pics seem accurate, non verified pics are from when she was more active years ago. Not a blonde like she used to be. Face and hair has aged but body is still amazing and tight.
    Pleasant to talk to. aims to please.
    Older then she may appear in pics but that’s not a bad thing, i prefer mature.

    Not quite the spinner she used be but amazing body (if i says this twice in my post it means i was impressed)

    Overall service was ok. May repeat just to hold the amazing body.

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    I saw her once a few years ago.
    Fabulous potential but zero effort, just no enthusiasm or spark at all.
    Hopefully she gets her mojo back.

    Thanks for the update.
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    A few years ago, I tried twice to see her. Set up an appointment, then when I got in the neighbourhood, her phone went dead. She would not answer.

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    Saw her couple weeks ago. Pics are outdated. Saw her in the am, looks like she just woke up. No make up, didn't put any effort in to her looks. Service was avg, going through the motions. Will not repeat.

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    saw her afew years ago no compaints then

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    I saw her a few years back as well and thought that she looked pretty hot. Her hard body certainly made me hard and she was very nice but lackluster in her performance. I felt she went through the motions which left me feeling unfulfilled at the end of it all. Sounds like she's still the same in that department.

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