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Thank you for clicking into my little slice of this world

Naturally I have an insatiable sexual appetite and an overly active imagination; so I savour all the small moments and slowly allow them to build into the perfect crescendo of our minds and bodies.

A bit about me:
I live and play passionately and fun for me looks like surfing the worlds best breaks. On a typical Friday night you'll find me with my girlfriends listening to live jazz or taking in the city's latest urban contemporary art offerings. I love silky satins, and lacy delicates, light dry wines in the summer and a thick full bodied single malt in the winter.

While I have been told that my laughter is contagious and my smile disarmingly comforting. You are sure to find me breathtakingly beautiful, charming and personable.

100% Positive Reviews:
While I'm not a fan of review culture, and prefer no reviews at all. I do understand that some people do rely on reviews for piece-of-mind when seeing someone for the first time and as such here are two reviews from well established hobby-ist/punters/purveyor of fine companionship, from two different review sites.
TERB - TERB Review

TERB - TERB Review

TERB - TERB Review

TOS - TOS Review


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Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Vancouver: September 15 - 30

Toronto & the GTA: November 1st -3rd

UK & Ireland - November

Toronto & the GTA: December

Australia: Christmas & New Years

Want me in your town?
Additional travel cost and accommodation will apply

Same day bookings: $300/hr, $600/2hr, $850/3hr
***Advance booking special : 2hr - $500 ***

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