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Thread: The unique happy ending and how to deal with the confusion?

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    The unique happy ending and how to deal with the confusion?

    So, my situation is a bit of an odd one. At the end of an hour long massage at the local asian massage parlor things aren't going smoothly.

    For reasons somewhat too complicated to explain I had to have a surgery called a TURP. It's reduces the size of your prostate and removes some of the bladder-head area. This procedure left me with good wood, nice orgasms, but no squirt. It's called a retrograde ejaculation. The fluid goes into your bladder instead of out.

    So during the tug part of `rub and tug` the masseuse gets confused. I'm done everything that's going to happen and I'm happy but they won't stop. And they can't speak english well enough to understand the explanation. I have to grab them by wrists and shout "enough". They think they've done something wrong.

    Weird deal for me. For them too.

    I'm like thinking I should have the definition of 'retrograde ejaculation' written out in chinese with me. I guess I could use the cell phone come to think of it.

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    In your case with a medical issue you should probably see someone who you can communicate with easily. Just my thoughts,


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    Maybe use the Google Translate app
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    Your situation is not that odd. After dealing with kidney stones and prostatitas I am in a similar situation. Most of the time I don't ejaculate but experience the same orgasm sensations. Although I don't frequent asian providers who don't understand english well, the ladies I do see sometimes come off as almost insulted that they aren't doing their job or I am not really into them If I don't squirt. The truth is, since my prostatitis, I can have multiple "minigasms" now. I used to be a one and done guy. I had one regular lady, who spoke perfect english, was determined that she was going to swallow my cum. I had three minigasms and I begged her to stop as junior was raw. She apologized for not finishing the job.

    Just as us guys don't understand the female body, some ladies don't understand ours.

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