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Thread: the 0778 shop

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    the 0778 shop

    They used to be pretty good. Although ages were often off and pix were photo-shopped, the girls were always do-able, friendly and decent service.

    Seems then they seem to have let their standards slide and pix are now REALLY off.

    Is anyone still using this shop, or should we now just give them a hard pass?

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    They started to use real pics taken in house, but recent ones I have seen were disastrous. I put in my previous review that I would temporarily ban them but I couldn't resist their convenient location from my gym.

    Mina is actually young, she used to be at K604. Her body is not too toned. Face is not my type. Overall 6.
    Luci is put the shop back to ban status. Overall 5. Face is 4.

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    I've stopped going there as well. The last good one for me there was Hitomi, but that was back in late 2018.
    Then I tried Bunny, who was just Eve renamed, which pissed me off. Kira wasn't bad but not great. Jesi was older than expected. Haven't been back since.
    Thanks for the feedback on Luci...was considering seeing her.

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    Thanks for the feedback, guys.

    I guess the 604 group is still OK for k-girls, but that Boundary location is not too convenient.

    Downtown is a bit of a desert now!

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    0778 got Somi back but decided to use fake pics this time
    (I had seen her once a few month ago when they used real in house pics)

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