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Thread: Tanya @ Sawasdee

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    Tanya @ Sawasdee

    I was wondering if anyone has seen this lady yet. She's the new girl, supposedly.
    A reply here or PM would be appreciated.

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    Hey Riot. I saw her recently and had an excellent session. Really good massage and a really good ending. I find that some of the ladies advertising offer next to no massage skills and just want to take more $$ from you on the flip. Personally I am not into anything beyond HE, so I like to find a provider that offers a real massage along with a good ending. I do know that Tanya has recently changed her spa name due to some unwanted client attention, so she has been there for a while. Out of respect for her and her safety I won’t share her former name.

    $120 all in and a 100% repeat for me. Try her out, you won’t be disappointed.

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    Thanks for the info

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    Havenít met the newly named Tanya, although when a really good massage is required, in conjunction with a nice build up prior to the flip, Iím keen on Nadia.. Good to go on reviews here, as they do tend to post up a lot of pictures that are just for purposes of advertising.

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    Has anyone heard anything about Alexis who used to work here? She also offered prostate massage if that helps jar the memory of someone, lol.



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    How old is Tanya and how does she look?

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