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Thread: Hol on LL

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    Hol on LL

    Hol on LL caught my eye. Wondering if anyone has any info on her.
    Thanks guys

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    That's Holland. She was a well known/reviewed local SP ....maybe some 8 years or so ago. Hasn't been on the scene much in recent years . Try searching Holland , there will only be one.Still regret not seeing her when she was preggers...bucket list thing . Cheers !

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    Does anyone have a link?

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    She's was a total smokeshow when I met her which was quite a while ago. Unfortunately she was famous for her lack of time management skills. I was hooked the first time I saw her, which was a daunting task to line up. She changed times on me probably three times in one day. I made multiple attempts at setting up another appointment only to have her waste another day of time changes until I gave up. Hopefully she's gotten better at her time management.

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    Are her face pictures that aren’t blurred accurate?

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    I knew she looked familiar

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    I have an appointment booked. Will post review right after.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blowy82 View Post
    Are her face pictures that aren’t blurred accurate?
    That particular one she used when she advertised years ago.

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