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Thread: Luna 1122

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    Luna 1122

    Hello everyone

    Apologies in advance for my bad search skills

    I was trying to get some information on Luna from 1122 group. Had a great experience with Rachel and was wondering if anyone has seen Luna and how was their experience with her?


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    pm’d you..

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    can you pm me as well? cheers

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    Me as well, please...

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    pm me 2 please

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    Yeah, screw the reviews. I mean, its just a review board.
    Just PM me with everything you have as well.

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    Me too please...

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    The reviews of her are not hard to find and are accurate.

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    Please pm me

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    this is weird. I tried looking up the review as well, but couldn't find anything... is she a DNR?

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    I’ve been meaning to give her a try but couldn’t find much about her either.

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    I've seen her a few times, she's lovely. My review is included in the attached thread... which I found by using the search function... in a matter of seconds...???

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