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Thread: Emily 1860

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    Emily 1860

    Hey all,

    I've been a long time reader here but I definately owe it to y'all to provide some intel and reviews around here.

    That being said, has anyone tried Emily? Thoughts?

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    Interested... sexy mama. TOFTT man!

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    $250 hh, $350 h.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crookedmember View Post
    $250 hh, $350 h.
    Ya too rich for my blood. I don't mind paying more if I know she's worth it but for a 1st visit I wouldn't go that high.

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    Yeah, that's nuts. Might as well just go to Beach Bunnies.

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    Lol agreed.

    Life is all about value for $$. Especially in this hobby.

    280 for an hour is kinda my tops. That is what the best SPs around are getting. Lawyer money!

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    I agree 280 tops (maybe a traveling pornstar might be an exception). You have a cheap lawyer if you only pay them that much.

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    I 3rd that, 280 is about tops for me too. I learned the hard way in the beginning.

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