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    Thumbs up Rose Paradis Review. Top Notch Provider

    Most of us in this hobby are looking for that spectacular experience that blows our brains away and makes the legs shake. Those experiences are becoming hard to come by, but when they do, they remind you of the reason why we do this hobby in the first place. Make no mistake; this hobby is not an easy one. To have a perfect encounter, you have to plan, make sure you are well-groomed and dressed, and also work out logistics where you will be meeting the provider, how will you be finding the parking, etc. If you are asking for an outcall, you have to ensure you give easy instructions to the provider to avoid any suspicion from the hotel's front desk. All this needs planning and effort, and sometimes, when your experiences are not good, you start wondering whether it is worth it to pursue this hobby or not. Like everyone here, I have had my fair share of mediocre experiences, sometimes even with well known SPs, and some terrible experiences when I listened to the little head instead of the big and ignored the warnings. However, once in a while, you get an experience that scores perfect on every level, and those are the experiences that motivate you to continue to be in this hobby. I feel that Winnipeg is lucky to have several highly reputable and extremely skilled providers who continue to come back, and they have given me some of the fantastic memories that I will cherish forever. My latest addition to these memories is my recent encounter with Rose Paradis, which was quite extraordinary. I honestly can’t wait to be in her company again.

    Well, I will start with communication first. Last time, I saw Rose as a duo with Miss Jessyka in Calgary 2 years ago where I had gone on a business trip. It was "meant to be" that these well-reviewed fantastic ladies were offering a duo at the same time I was there. I have already left a review of that encounter in the past. Since then, my schedule didn't work to see her again until now. When I contacted Rose for her current tour in Winnipeg weeks ago, she remembered me. I was flattered to know that she remembered me from 2 years ago and she even mentioned that she had a fantastic time with me then. I knew immediately that I was in for a treat. I was in contact with Rose for days before our meeting, and she was genuinely very excited about our upcoming rendezvous. That got me turned on days before our appointment. This excitement was significant in building up the ultimate experience I had when meeting her, as explained below.

    Rose met me for an outcall at my request. She says that she does not do this often and mostly does incall, so I am thankful to her that she agreed. She was right on time for her appointment and arrived dressed in a sexy but casual outfit for discretion which shows professionalism. For those who have seen her, everyone must remember the moment when you are so impressed by her beautiful facial features and statuesque beauty. She is 5 feet 8 inches and has big natural boobs and curves in the right places. If you strictly like skinny women, she might not be the right one for you, but for me, her physique is perfect in every way. She has the perfect hourglass figure, which is well-toned by regular exercise. She told me that she did go to the gym earlier today, especially for her legs and squats, and it was evident on seeing her ass and thighs. Although Rose hides her face in ads for privacy, she has a lovely face and gorgeous deep eyes.

    Another essential aspect of making an experience stellar is personality. Rose has a very vibrant personality. She is intelligent, witty and knows how to make someone laugh. She makes good jokes and is very good at breaking the ice. I felt like we had a deep connection when we talked and shared some enjoyable conversations on a variety of topics. It was surprising how much we had in common, and this conversation has to be one of the highlights in making my evening with her so memorable.
    Now to the act, we did not start right away. We had a long conversation, good laughs and even some light Muay Thai moves she showed me. For me, this is very important as I find it hard to enjoy the service without a deep, genuine connection. As for the service, I wouldn't go into details as YMMV, but she does provide an authentic GFE experience. I could not have asked for a better service, and she genuinely enjoyed every bit of it as me. I can attest to this as she did climax.
    Rose Paradis is a very high-level service provider that has many qualities that sets her apart from many other providers. Is it guaranteed that your experience will be equally as good as mine?- I don't know (it may be even better). But one thing I can guarantee is that Rose is a very genuine person, with a kind heart, who is also gorgeous, and she does give her full attention to you. I am just looking forward to making as many memories with Rose as I possibly can. I am not going to assign numbers to her attributes, as they might not mean the same to you as they do to me. However, I recommend to try to see her while she is still in town- she is a gem!

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    That was a really good review, she really personified the elite GFE.
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    Quote Originally Posted by westwoody View Post
    That was a really good review, she really personified the elite GFE.
    Thank you. I totally agree with that statement. Anyways, I also want to mention that she is very skilled with her hands. Gives a very good massage and an excellent finish if you are interested in that. She does advertise under massage section for this reason.

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    Thanks to everyone who shared some of their time with Rose.
    I've been admiring her ad. Too bad about the downtown location.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hankmoody View Post
    Thanks to everyone who shared some of their time with Rose.
    I've been admiring her ad. Too bad about the downtown location.
    I did an outcall with her so can’t comment on the location. I am not sure what is the issue with the location or is it that you just don’t like downtown due to parking problems etc. ?

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