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Thread: Apple - Review

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    Apple - Review

    Recently saw Apple

    Pics are accurate. This is her. Booking was easy. Central in call.

    She has a fantastic body, super hard and quite thin - how I like women so it was great for me. If you like more meat on the bones she might not be for you. She's a little intense but if you can manage this filly, she'll show you a good time.

    Took a little while to break the ice and get comfortable but once that initial awkwardness was done it was sheer pleasure. She is very responsive and just an amazing partner. Not going into all details but throughly enjoyed my hour. Didn't clock watch - all in all a great way to spend a rainy day.

    Repeat - you bet!

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    aka European Doll 3634.

    can you clarify "intense"?

    Thanks for the review.

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