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Thread: Maya 4928 - Any partake on this hot busty Latina?

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    Maya 4928 - Any partake on this hot busty Latina?

    Pics look amazing yet no obvious photoshopping, Tineye came up negative.
    Says from Edmonton, couldn't find reviews anywhere at all.
    A little skeptic since all pics show her face which is usually a flag for me.

    Anybody partake?
    Thnx in advance.

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    Her ad reads kinda weird IMO-“ sÛck d1ck/!: make u h4rd” seems odd for her appearance. Speaking of which, she appears to be born and raised south of the Rio Grande and I can’t help but notice that there isn’t one single word of Spanish in her ad. Very uncommon in my experience for native Spanish speaking escorts not to pepper some Español into an English ad here or back home. And yeah she looks like a Latin American stripper, one of those pics is backstage, and she probably lives in the states somewhere and these photos are off her social media.

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