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Thread: Most Dedicated Local Girl - Lina

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    Red face Most Dedicated Local Girl - Lina

    Hello Everyone,
    This is my first review here.
    Yesterday, I took service of Lina. She is located in the south of Winnipeg.
    She is really nice and you have to go to her apartment from the back door. Her rates are a bit high.
    Review :
    CBJ and CS was Good and she was enjoying it. Just one restriction no Greek.
    Winnipeg needs more local girls like her. I will repeat her.

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    She does look pretty except the eyelashes look a bit over-long. Heck, they could be used as weapons!

    What is the meaning of "most dedicated" to you. Several people have used the term but nothing in their reviews really says what she does to qualify. Is it just longevity in the area and the business, or does she make special efforts in some other way?

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    Restriction or not, she is pretty damn hot looking. Thanks for the review.

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    But she is really cute and I will repeat her. But as a local girl, she is one of the best Winnipeg has Brother.

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    I have had the pleasure of meeting Lina 3 times. We have had opportunity to talk about music,travel and plans she has for the future. Lina is definitely driven in all aspects of her life. Her efforts in the bedroom go above and beyond my fantasies. I really love her willingness to be spontaneous and not just going through the motions. I've always been totally fulfilled when leaving but finding myself always wanting to see her again 10 minutes later. Lina you are definitely an angel in my life.

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