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    Lulu 6088

    Advertised as 23 but more like over 40. “ legitimate photos “ but I am pretty sure it’s not her , and if they were, they are over 20 years ago and she had a breast reduction . Promised bbbj and it’s another example of what is promised and what is delivered. Washes your hands before the deed but still does not like to be touched much and definitely do not touch her head or hair. Doesn’t like any form of kissing not even on the cheek or shoulders. Refuses cowgirl and keeps her hands on your chest during missionary support that can’t go in a deep. “ too big “ crap. Asks when are you going to cum very early. Massage component was ok though.

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    Bah! What a shame. $180 HR would be a great deal if you actually got the girl in the ad

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    Thanks for TOFTT. Appreciate you sharing and sparing the rest of us. I almost booked yesterday from the “legit” photos but she booked off early. Lucky me. Lol.

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    Oh nooooo. That didn't look to bad. I was looking for info on her and agreed to go...was going to text Monday and see. You beat me to it. Those ads are always to good to be true. Sorry to hear it wasn't so good. Thanks for the update!

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