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    Anyone see her? I am curious it's my birthday this Friday and I like to see some one hot with super excellent game.

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    She looks alright but I'd recommend hitting up Beach Bunnies. You know what you're getting and most of the chicks there are fine.

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    Thanks I go to BB every couple weeks but on my birthday my regular girls I see none are working Crystal is probably my absolute fave but she is on day shift by time I get there it will be late. Aurora & Claire are not on any recommendations? I see Magan is on never seen her or any of the other girls.

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    Not sure if my original reply worked or not but I'm checking her out at 6am today - will let ya know if she follows through!

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    i seen her last week, shes heavier than the pics, and service was very lack luster, she looked really good in the pics, so i took a chance as i don't usually see non reviewed traveling girls, as they usually end up like this one, they know they probably wont ever see you again,. so why try hard.

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    Penguy thanks for the review, I was interested from the pics

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    Quote Originally Posted by M685978 View Post
    Penguy thanks for the review, I was interested from the pics
    ya, no problem, looking at the pics again, im like damn shes fuckin hot, but irl didnt do it for me!

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