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Thread: Massage on Victoria street

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    Massage on Victoria street

    Has anyone been to the massage parlour on Victoria lately? Just wondering if they have any cuties there now. Last time was not so good.

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    Going by LL ads it looks like Eva has shuffled the deck a bit as she does every now and then and moved a couple of the ladies around. Mango had been in Courtenay but is now listed in Kelowna. Cherry who was either in Kamloops or Kelowna now shows in Courtenay. Could be some new blood in Kamloops.

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    As has been mentioned in other threads, a girl named April is now there. I tried her today and thought she was very good (perhaps not as exceptional as some reported in another thread, but very good). She said that she will be there for another five weeks or so. I will try to repeat before she leaves. I was changed more than the $120 mentioned in another thread but perhaps that was because I asked for an hour.

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    Might be in Kamloops in the next few days. LL ad shows Carmen and Apple as being the current lineup. Has anyone sampled either one?

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    I believe it's Emily and Lulu

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    Quote Originally Posted by Royal306 View Post
    I believe it's Emily and Lulu
    Thanks. I've seen Lulu 2 or 3 times and enjoyed her services.

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    I was there today. The girl I got had a Asian name I didn't recognize (chis something). I had not seen her there before (but I don't go often). The massage as OK but nothing special (i.e. more rubbing than anything else). She offered "body to body" which I thought meant a body slide but instead was just a nude hand job (but $20 less than the body slides I got the last couple of times I was there). I cannot complain as it was better than some of the full service I have got from some leolist girls in Kamloops. However, I preferred the last couple of girls I had there.

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    Stopped in here the other day. Had a girl named Selina. The massage was not that great but she was very friendly and the finish was really good. $120 for 1 hour with happy ending.

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    The last two times I have stop by I haven't been able to see anyone. One time I was greeted by one and she said they were too busy. Last sunday no one came out to greet me so I left.

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    I Whent in today to treat myself for new years i got a lady named selina she was pretty good looking and in good shape wish i coulda fucked her but i got a pretty good massage with a nude titty fuck it was amazing and will be back again
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    I've been in and saw Lulu 3 times. Great little gal. Super friendly and sweet. Good massage works all the knots out. It's been Lulu and Selina for awhile now and they are both good. Hopefully the owners keep it that way and don't keep rotating in other women from Kelowna or wherever.

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