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Thread: Massage on Victoria street

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    Massage on Victoria street

    Has anyone been to the massage parlour on Victoria lately? Just wondering if they have any cuties there now. Last time was not so good.

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    Going by LL ads it looks like Eva has shuffled the deck a bit as she does every now and then and moved a couple of the ladies around. Mango had been in Courtenay but is now listed in Kelowna. Cherry who was either in Kamloops or Kelowna now shows in Courtenay. Could be some new blood in Kamloops.

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    As has been mentioned in other threads, a girl named April is now there. I tried her today and thought she was very good (perhaps not as exceptional as some reported in another thread, but very good). She said that she will be there for another five weeks or so. I will try to repeat before she leaves. I was changed more than the $120 mentioned in another thread but perhaps that was because I asked for an hour.

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