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    Wintrr In Penticton

    Well I never posted here for a long time. I booked some time with a strikingly beautiful girl Wintrr. She is just what I like which I am attracted to women of color. The first time I booked she was polite at the door yet a little stand offish. But once we started to talk a bit more things got comfortable and from there I was memorialized by her beauty. After it felt like unrushed experience but she did check her phone a few times but got into listening to some cool music and chatted and got to know what she was like and for real a super sweet heart. The 2nd meeting was even better as we where comfortable with each other and started out conversation from the last time we met. It was just a comfortable feeling and when we got more into it the experience was awesome cause wow she is a stunner. Anyways I will repeat I suggest just take your time with her treat her good she is like a turtle that doesn't come out of her shell right away. I know it's hard to take your time as she only comes to the Okanagan every few months so I will hopefully catch her when she comes back.

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