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    Easy connection via Leolist Ad. Sort of downtown location. Easy parking. Met at door by an attractive blonde that fell out of a southern period movie. Led to a classy bedroom and was told I was going to hear the rules. There are alot of rules. While it could have spoiled the mood I soldiered on (I'm always listening to the little soldier).

    Grace is a sexy young lady but I didn't get the sense she was into it. I was also surprised a few of "The rules" weren't nearly as rock solid as previously explained. For example after unclothing herself and me (she didn't really have to help much) she lowered herself down and went right to a bbbj. More mechanical than sensual, I motioned for her to stand up for a kiss. Deepest French Kiss I've had in a while. Then back down she went.

    I moved over to sit on the edge of the bed and Grace followed. This time she went in for BLS and more BBBJ. Waiting for the inevitable question regarding cumming I Was pleasantly surprised to hear that it wasn't asked. The deep throating continued. I exclaimed a couple of times I was close to finishing and she kept bobbing. I let go and she kept up with the BBBJ. Still going strong I had to gently nudge her head back. She smiled and walked to the bathroom to get a hand towel. Grace is as nice to look at from the back as she is from the front.

    A classy cleanup, helped my clothes back on somewhat, a peck to the cheek and I was off. Damage was three browns, which is pricey, but the session was very good.

    I wouldn't repeat only because Lady V, Cassidy and Priya are all back from vacation and just that much better for the same donation.

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    Dang !!
    EverReady Bunny U R !!
    3 reports in a day



    Id be looking like a dried prune

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    Hmmm... My experience with Grace is that she was very much into the session. An unbelievably beautiful woman that made me feel that I was her longtime lover. Certainly nothing mechanical in my opinion. I will definitely be repeating, and repeating, and repeating.

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    Holy fuck, hopefully she adds cim to the menu for everyone. Saw her once and was amazed.

    But did u stay an hour or just a quick bbbj and cim for 3bills?

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    My experience was... meh
    The list of rules is very off-putting imho. But she definitely is a looker and fairly responsive.

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